We are three physicists pretending to be developers: Waldemar Kornewald, Thomas Wanschik, and Johannes Dörr. Some of us are responsible for several open-source projects like Django-nonrel and app-engine-patch. All three of us like Python and especially its clean syntax. Two of us play instruments, one of us once played an instrument, one of us loves mountain biking, one of us talks a lot, one of us too little, one of us doesn't like mushrooms, one of us speaks Polish, one of us speaks Russian, none of us were born in the same country, and some of us have no clue why we did this site, believe it. :)

If you want to learn more about what we do you should subscribe to our blog about various (web-)development topics. Also, please take a look at our startup, pentotype, which is an innovative wireframing solution.

Also, follow us on Twitter or Google+: @wkornewald (Google+) and @twanschik and ... oh no, Johannes doesn't tweet, yet; so, that makes at least one of us who does some real work. ;)

Wanna discuss something with us? In case of an issue report please send it to the discussion group. For everything else, please drop us a mail: team@allbuttonspressed.com