Waldemar Kornewald on November 24, 2011

Goodbye Django-nonrel

Update 2: Django-nonrel is still being maintained at

Update: Thanks for your warm response! We really didn't expect that. Wilfred Hughes offered to take over, so hopefully our projects won't die. By the way, I'll try to keep blogging about web development, NoSQL, and App Engine. There's a whole lot of stuff we've learned and keep learning at our startup and I'd like to share that with you from time to time.

Hi everyone,

unfortunately, Thomas and I have to say goodbye to our open-source community. We started contributing because we thought it was interesting and we had fun building something together while we were studying physics. However, our projects have stopped being fun. We're not even using most of them, anymore (not even at our startup). This is why we've made a final decision: We've stopped maintaining Django-nonrel.

This primarily affects djangoappengine users. The MongoDB backend has its own capable contributors, so django-mongodb-engine users should be unaffected by this. We're really sorry, especially to those who have a business that depends on djangoappengine. Thanks to everyone who has supported us.

If anyone is interested in continuing djangoappengine development, please send a mail to the Django-nonrel discussion group.

Best wishes, Waldemar and Thomas

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