Open-source Django, App Engine, NoSQL projects

These are our open-source projects, most of them with the goal of making web development more productive and fun. :) Make sure you don't miss our blog about web development, Django, and NoSQL.


We believe that development on non-relational databases is unnecessarily unproductive. Django-nonrel is an attempt at fixing the problems and simplifying NoSQL development by adding support for NoSQL DBs to Django's ORM.


Contains all App Engine backends for Django-nonrel (database, email, etc.).


Improve your user experience with fast page loads by combining, compressing, and versioning your JavaScript & CSS files and images. This asset manager eliminates unnecessary HTTP requests and maximizes cache usage. Also, it provides lots of advanced features required for building HTML5 web applications (e.g. HTML5 offline manifests, Sass support, etc.).


Simplify your NoSQL model code and get advanced SQL-like features on non-relational databases.


Make your file upload/download handling platform-independent. No matter if you use the App Engine Blobstore or Amazon S3 or your private server. Use one API to rule them all.

All Buttons Pressed

This is the the website you're currently looking at. All Buttons Pressed provides a simple "CMS" with support for multiple independent blogs. It's compatible with non-relational and SQL databases.


A sandbox for Django-nonrel extra features.


A simple search engine for non-relational databases. Supports stemming and search-as-you-type.


A simpler and more readable JavaScript syntax inspired by Python. Removes JavaScript's annoying bug sources: forgotten "var", semicolons, etc. Uses indentation and has multi-line lambdas.

PyMeta 2

A Python implementation of OMeta. Supports the new OMeta 2 syntax.


django-autoload is a reuseable django app which allows for correct initialization of your django project.


A Mercurial extension which adds a directory to hg's sys.path. This is especially useful for hg users on Windows because it allows for installing extensions with binary dependencies. No more manual compilation of hg on Windows!

App-engine-patch (abandoned)

This was our first attempt at porting Django to App Engine. The project has been abandoned because now we work on Django-nonrel to support native Django (including models) on App Engine.

Gae-search (abandoned)

A simple full-text search solution for app-engine-patch. This project has been abandoned. We now work on Nonrel-search for Django-nonrel.