Thomas Wanschik on May 05, 2011

Minor updates and API changes

Maybe you noticed that we've started to work on our projects again. ;) We unsurprisingly (:P) passed our final physics exams and are ready to work on NoSQL development again. Waldemar has already started to do some work in order to get our efforts into Django trunk. In the meantime I've started to work on some bug reports concerning django-dbindexer and nonrel-search. Both now have a dependency on django-autoload which ensures the loading of indexes or signal handlers before any request is processed. As a consequence, you have to adapt your code if you make use of django-dbindexer or nonrel-search. The documentation has been changed in order to reflect these changes. Maybe we'll take a few days off to go on vacation. Then, we'll come back and continue improving the way of NoSQL development.