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Permissions with Django-nonrel

Quick update: Florian Hahn has implemented a solution for permission handling with Django on non-relational databases. Django's own permission system unfortunately requires JOIN support and thus doesn't work. After his original announcement the code has been optimized, so a permission check can be done with just two database ...

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django-mediagenerator: total asset management

We really weren't posting often enough recently. Now we'll make up for it with an advanced new asset manager called django-mediagenerator. Those of you who used app-engine-patch might still remember a media generator. This one is completely rewritten with a new backend-based architecture and muchos flexibility for the ...

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PyvaScript - Pythonic syntax for your browser

Update (2019): If you're interested in programming languages, you should follow Waldemar's new AI-based, declarative programming language Ensody.

Hey, after a lot of work in the last few weeks I'm finally ready to introduce you to one of our latest projects called PyvaScript. It's a new scripting language for your ...

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Managing per-field indexes on App Engine

An annoying problem when trying to reuse an existing Django app is that some apps use TextField instead of CharField and still want to filter on that field. On App Engine TextField is not indexed and thus can't be filtered against. One app which has this problem is django-openid-auth ...

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Uploads to Blobstore and GridFS with Django

We've finished our App Engine Blobstore and MongoDB GridFS storage backends for Django. With these backends you can directly use FileField and ModelForm to easily handle file uploads in a portable way. Please make sure you take a look at the source code of our demo.

The App Engine ...

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