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Using dev_appserver with Python 2.7 on App Engine

Starting with SDK 1.6.0 the App Engine fully supports Python 2.7. This article originally described a workaround for getting Python 2.7 running on SDK 1.5.5. Now it only describes how to port your app.yaml and request handlers to Python 2.7.

The following ...

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Minor updates and API changes

Maybe you noticed that we've started to work on our projects again. ;) We unsurprisingly (:P) passed our final physics exams and are ready to work on NoSQL development again. Waldemar has already started to do some work in order to get our efforts into Django trunk. In the meantime ...

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SimpleDB backend for Django-nonrel

Dan Fairs has started developing a SimpleDB backend. That's the sixth backend for Django-nonrel! Check out django-simpledb from github. The code is experimental and far from finished, but in a recent tweet Dan mentioned that he thinks he's very close to having the Django admin running on SimpleDB ...

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Redis backend for Django-nonrel in development

Mirko Rossini has finally made his Redis backend public. It's called django-redis-engine and according to him it's still in pre-alpha stage. From a quick glance at the code it looks like you'll be able to define database indexes in order to support queries that go beyond Redis ...

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JOINs for NoSQL databases via django-dbindexer - First steps

At the moment, we have a lot to do in terms of finishing our diploma thesis. However we're so excited about the early results of the currently refactored django-dbindexer that we couldn't hold back and keep django-dbindexer's simple JOIN support for non-relational databases a secret anymore. Yes ...

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy 2011, everyone! Actually we wanted to finish a little present, but December was just too full with other stuff. Looks like Thomas will have to play Santa in January. ;)

This blog started more or less one year ago. Back then we still were on a ...

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